Sedazzari “Littorina” bicicletta , Genova 1938: Nervi Design Museum, Genoa

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Sedazzari cycle shop

Luigi Sedazzari sold his cycles from 113 Via Cesarea, Genova (Genoa). Whilst the tube decal makes claim to the firm being established in 1912, the oldest record of his shop I have found dates from 1935 “Annuario Generale D’Italia” describing his business as “Construzioni furgoncini, cicli transporto e cicli . Forniture complete.” (Construction of vans, transport cycles and cycles. Complete supplies). Next door at 107-119, Signore Bardo ran an Automobile supplies shop. Sedazzari finally closed its doors in the 1990s- a sad end to a long established business in the centre of Genoa.

Sedazzari, a bike for everyone

Sedazzari sold a wide range of cycles, from early transport cycles, such as those used by bakers for delivering loaves, through to road racing and Pista bikes in the 1950s and early 60s, continuing in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s with town bikes, children’s models, city folding bikes and even bikes for boats (manufactured in 2 parts to aid storage). Alongside these more everyday bikes, Sedazzari continued to make some beautifully finished road bikes. Discover Sedazzari Cicli.

Sedazzari Specialissima bicycles

Top of the road bike range was the Specialissima (Super Leggera) with beautifully crafted chrome lugs, sometimes arabesque in shape. These were often completed with Campagnolo Nuovo and Super Record group sets. Discover the craftsmanship of Telaista (frame builder) , Mario di Staglieno (Staglieno is an area in Genoa where the workshop was situated) and ponder on the association Sedazzari had with the Italiano Veterani (Italian Veterans race) in the 1970s. Discover the Specialissma bicycles.

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